Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

What is the doctor’s role in physical therapy?

Physical therapy is designed to help a patient regain their strength and mobility after a traumatic illness or injury. When physical therapy is ordered, it is extremely important to make sure the right techniques and exercises are used to ensure the patient’s needs are addressed. A doctor must thoroughly evaluate a patient’s condition and determine what needs to be done to help promote the healing process. The right exercises must be chosen as well as any therapeutic treatments that may be beneficial. It is up to the physical therapist to take into consideration the patient’s entire health history and determine to what degree physical therapy will help get them back on track.

Can chiropractic care and acupuncture be beneficial during physical therapy?

Keeping the body balanced and in alignment is one of the main jobs of both chiropractic care and physical therapy in Richardson. Combining chiropractic care and acupuncture with physical therapy efforts increases the healing process and restores balance to the body. Chiropractic adjustments help to restore function to the body. Acupuncture relieves the pain and discomfort that can sometimes prevent a patient from completing certain exercises or movements they need to perform to improve range of motion and regain their strength.

How is it determined what exercises and treatments are necessary?

When a doctor evaluates a patient to determine the type of physical therapy they need, they look closely at what parts of the body were affected by the injury illness. A qualified physical therapists in Richardson can use their skills to reduce pain and help a patient maintain his or her normal range of motion. The exercises will also work to improve overall flexibility and strength. Strengthening those areas and helping to restore mobility is the focus. To make the most of Physical Therapy, exercises and activities must be chosen that directly impact the affected areas. Once the desired degree of mobility and strength are achieved, the patient can begin to work other areas of the body.

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