Is acupuncture painful?

This is one of the most common questions asked by new patients at Dr. Leybovich’s acupuncturist practice. While the traditional method of acupuncture required the use of needles, this is no longer the case. For patients who are afraid of needles or scared that this process will be painful, cold laser therapy is an ideal alternative. Using low-level laser beams, Dr. Leybovich can stimulate acupoints without the use of skin piercing needles. Other forms of acupuncture include electromagnetic energy impulses, heat, and pressure.

How long will it take before acupuncture care is helpful for my back pain?

Every patient is different, and their back pain is just as unique. Therefore, Dr. Leybovich can only offer a range frame for treatments using acupuncture methods, such as cold laser therapy. As noted by WebMD, back pain is the number one reason why patients seek out acupuncture treatment. It is best used for chronic back pain in the lower area of the back. Since acupuncture points can release chemicals to the spinal cord, brain and muscles, a single session of acupuncture, whether involving cold lasers or heat, can greatly benefit an individual. When pressure or stimulation is applied correctly to one of the 2,000 acupoints in the body, natural opioids are released, which helps to reduce back pain. Often it takes multiple sessions, but typically relief begins after the first acupuncture session.

Is acupuncture safe for all ages?

Yes, even children can use acupuncture. However, since many children are afraid of needles therapy with cold lasers can be more beneficial. As actual needles are not used with cold laser therapy children are less likely to be fearful of this form of acupuncture. Part of the positive reaction from acupuncture comes through a release in natural opioids. For children being able to feel comfortable enough for this release to occur is paramount for the healing process.

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